It is with pride that the Mission Preservation Foundation recognizes and honors those who have or wish to include Mission San Juan Capistrano in their estate plans with a future gift through a bequest, life insurance, or trust arrangement, or have made an outright gift to the Mission.


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Ways to Give

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

A charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, aka, a CRAT is an entity that pays a fixed income to designated beneficiaries during its lifetime, and later, it goes to support the Mission. To put it simply, the trust lasts until the life of the grantor, at which point the remaining funds are donated to support the Mission of San Juan Capistrano.

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Charitable Remainder Unitrust

When considering to donate to Mission San Juan Capistrano, a charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT) makes annual payments to beneficiaries during the life of the donor, and when they pass, the remainder of the trust goes to helping here at San Juan Mission. The payment to beneficiaries is calculated as a fixed percentage of the assets reaming in the trust. During the trust’s lifetime, the owner can top up the assets as he/she pleases.

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Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

A charitable lead annuity trust, aka a CLAT, is a type of charitable lead trust which then makes fixed payments to a designated charity during its lifetime. The payment is in the form of an annuity. At the end of the CLAT’s term, any remaining assets in the trust are passed to beneficiaries or revert to the donor. Here at San Juan Mission, our planning team can assist you with the right gifting opportunity for you and your family.

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Gift Annuity - One or Two Lives

The final gift vehicle you can use in estate planning is a charitable gift annuity. With gifts of annuity, you sign a contract with Mission San Juan Capistrano such that the assets are received in exchange for sending your way a stream of income for life. You will also be due for a partial charitable income tax deduction. When you die, the Mission of San Juan Capistrano keeps the assets.

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Bequest / Bequest of IRA

Bequests are contributions from a donor’s will or trust to Mission San Juan Capistrano. Bequests can be made with the help of your legal advisor. Bequests are essential in estate planning; the donor and their family can enjoy tax charitable deductions while funding Mission San Juan Capistrano.

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Donor Advise Fund

Your irrevocable contribution to your donor-advised account is an irrevocable payment of personal assets. These assets could be cash or stock. Your contribution will be recorded as a donation and your donor-advised fund account balance. National Philanthropic Trust is open to all assets and can help you transform any asset into philanthropic wealth.

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