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Advantages of a Gift Annuity – One or Two Lives


Gift of Annuity 

The final gift vehicle you can use in estate planning is a charitable gift annuity. With gifts of annuity, you sign a contract with Mission San Juan Capistrano such that the assets are received in exchange for sending your way a stream of income for life. You will also be due for a partial charitable income tax deduction. When you die, the Mission of San Juan Capistrano receives the assets.


Advantages of gifts of annuity

  • Dependable income stream for your lifetime
  • Your income is backed by all of the charity’s assets too.
  • You will be due for a limited charitable tax deduction the year you create the charitable gift annuity. The tax deduction is partial because your asset is partly viewed as a gift as well as an investment.
  • You can also make an additional contribution of non-cash assets and avoid capital gains tax. But if you sell the assets first then contribute, you’ll incur capital gains tax expenses.
  • Support the Mission of San Juan Capistrano.

How to make a gift of an annuity?

An individual or couple can set up a gift of annuity. Indeed, the income stream depends on many factors, including your age and number of annuitants – one or two lives.

Assets transferred to support the Mission can be cash donations, marketable securities, or personal property gifts. Many charities have a minimum amount for creating a charitable gift of annuity. Your fixed income will then be determined. Usually, joint annuities pay less. You’ll receive the fixed payment annually till you die, upon which the Mission of San Juan Capistrano receives the remainder of the trust.

Planning to use a gift annuity in your estate plan?

Charitable giving is a fantastic estate planning tool; these charitable gift opportunities allow you to donate to the Mission of San Juan Capistrano, reduce your tax burdens and receive dependable income for life.